About Snowbound: the Story of Binbine!

Snowbound is an independent mobile app development start-up founded by three geeks in the middle of Siberia, Russia - Alexey, Anna, and Oleg. We’re good friends and we have pretty similar views about what is cool and what is not, as well as our shared passion for creating excellent new products.

Our first app is Binbine! - a social photo-sharing app to which the above press release is devoted. The idea of the application came to Oleg in November, 2013 during a lonely walk through the Siberian countryside. There are some services that are built around double pictures, but all of them have a rather narrow purpose - comparing certain things with each other, or letting a user’s followers vote for one of the alternatives. Binbine! whilst being capable of all this, is an app that has been designed with a much wider remit. It’s main goal is to establish a new format of photo posts and microblogging. Oleg suggested the idea of a start-up mobile project to his colleagues in a local software vendor, and although they liked the idea, they were not enthusiastic about giving it a go within the company.

However, Oleg didn’t give up and shared the idea with his friends Anna and Alexey who work in the IT industry. We all agreed about the app’s concept and decided to develop it on our own from scratch, without any investments and mobile development background. On the flip side, we had total control of the whole process: from creating the app’s structure and design to setting the release date, and of course showing the result to our friends who became the first users and testers. Their enjoyment is our strongest evidence of the app’s coolness.

Naturally the development didn’t always go smoothly, but in the end we’ve arrived at an optimal solution for each and every debatable issue. Now we’re very proud to introduce Binbine! and are very much looking forward to the next chapter of its now public story.