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Binbine, a new microblogging platform with dual-photo posts launches on Google Play and other major Android markets

A mobile start-up project, created by three indie developers from Siberia, offers a new creative genre of dual-image photo sharing.

Novosibirsk - May 10, 2014 - SNOWBOUND, an independent app development start-up based in Siberia, presents Binbine! - an Android social photo-sharing app which enables users to create posts out of two images, adding optional headers and captions below each of the pics. This format provides endless possibilities to combine photos according to different principles: before and after, left and right, expectations vs. reality, cause and effect, the comparison of two similar things, or the collision of two polar opposites. For greater personalisation, the caption options allow the author’s commentary to be added to the images. The app offers the full spectrum of social networking features such as following other users, scrolling through the photo feed, as well as adding ‘likes’ and comments to those images that particularly catch the eye. The app has been officially released on Google Play on May 10, 2014.

The format of Binbine posts (‘bines’)
You’re probably pretty familiar with this format already, indeed you can see such double pictures every day across various social media platforms and meme websites. Posts that consist of two images in unison are usually very popular due to their striking contrast or similarities that they display. However, up until now, there hasn’t been a special platform for this genre.

Bines which include two images, the header and optional captions (all textual elements are optional) give a user dozens of different variants of how to combine two pics into something bigger. You can take a photo of your favorite park during on seasons to show how the changes. You can create some dual-photo stories captured on the street showing some event and its result. You can compare couples bringing their portraits separately onto the left and right photo, or simply post two shots of the same sunset if you can’t choose which one is better. The header (with unlimited number of characters) and the captions below each photo give enormous opportunities for creativity and humor.

Finding cool posts
In addition to the friends’ feed, Binbine has more options to help you discover amazing content and people to follow: the feed of the Best bines – i.e. the ones which receive the most likes, and the News feed which shows the most recently published posts from all around the world in real time. These three different feeds enable users to follow the top binbiners or find those people that seem the most interesting for them, immediately after signing up. The great sharing option allows you to cross-post your ‘diptychs’ together with captions to your favorite social networks or send a web link to a specific post via a multi-sharing feature.

Binbine’s Opportunities for Marketing and Brands
Almost every brand nowadays considers their Instagram account to be an indispensable way of communicating with their users, they know that people simply love checking out new photos on their mobile devices. Just think how cool would it be to give your customers a choice between two versions of a product that you’re promoting, or to compare your goods or services with your competitors within two pics that speak for themselves? We welcome any brand or company that agrees with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to join Binbine! and share its content across other social platforms.

Upcoming features
In the next versions, we will add Drafts so that users will be able to save incomplete posts and finish them later when they find an appropriate pair for a single photo or figure out a witty caption.

The editing features of the app are not yet presented as photo editing is not the crucial thing for Binbine! Some photos start speaking for themselves when put together. In the next updates, some basic photo editing options will be introduced to help users make their dual-photo posts even more attractive.

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Oleg Burkov

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